These are pics of a LEXX game I am making, it is an add on for a different game called Zelda Classic (which I didn't make) it can be found at Armageddon Games. The game is still being worked on so the areas in the pics may change.

Download the first demo (includes 3 levels)
You also need Zelda Classic 1.92 beta 163 (or higher) which can be found here.
To run it (in ZC) register a name then press Alt twice then choose "lexxdemo.qst"

A Moth

Cryo Pods and 7900

The Bridge with Stan and a Cluster Lizard

A Passage With Mantrid Drones

The first cutscene

Moth Landing Area

A pic from the 3rd level

Another pic from the 3rd level

MAP of The Medical Terminal level

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